LME Project

Following by successfully delivered photo – documentary called QUEER’ists                  Marta Kochanek‘s aim is to create a new body of photographic work for which she portrays members of LGBT Families including their children.

We Love We Make We Exist

Marta believes that parenting belongs to one of the most important topics brought up between two loving each other people. Homosexual parenting is even more complicated. Not only to consider all important and necessary arrangements but most importantly taking into account tolerance within the society.
Marta’s aim is to create a clear and positive image of random homosexual families to show off as well as prove all values that homosexual family can deliver to raise healthy and happy children.

Aims of the project:

–       To increase the presence and visibility of Homosexual Parents / Families,
–       To meet, interview and photograph members of Homosexual Families,
–       To promote gay parenting nationally and internationally,
–       To extend access and increase participation by encouraging homosexual parents to become involved in high quality arts activity within Midlands (UK) and beyond,
–       To explore and celebrate cultural diversity,
–       To explore new initiative and a new Art Project that have a clear focus on development and progression,
–       To develop research and share advices via blog, Facebook Page and other social media,
–       To build up a strong community interested in both; homosexual parenting and arts,
–       To promote Homosexual Parenting in a very unique way by building up a new community focused on a strong LGTB related issue and Art Project,
–       To create voluntary opportunities for local students as well as artists,
–       To create a positive image of the Homo Family

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