Agnieszka, Magda, Lena and Alek

Agnieszka, Magda, Lena and Alek

Agnieszka, Magda, Lena and Alek

Photo © 2013  marta kochanek
Photo Assistant Barbara Gibson

We met each other in quite difficult time for both of us. We have never suspected that innocent chat on the Internet will turn into an innocent chat in the pub and then evolve into creating a full family with two kids, two cats and a dog… (Probably there will be more cats and more dogs in the future :)).

I now have everything I have ever wanted from life – love, understanding, people to take care of, and my passion (dog sports). I work as a marketer in a large corporation, but it is my family life I am really involved in.

When I met Magda and when we made the decision to live together I was worried that she will not cope with family and kids obligations. It turned out as Magda is not only a great parent, but also the best partner I have ever had. I can always count on her support.

Walks, trips, events and other activities connected to both Agnieszka and Magda’s passion (art events or dog competition) triggering kids’ interests and development – these are their usual and unusual ways of spending time together. It is mostly everything to enjoy life and all its aspects together and to equip children with respect and interest in the world that surrounds them.

Agnieszka is an architect and an artist. She often dedicates her works to gender issues. She invites you to have a look at her mixed media Projects.

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