Anna and Oskar

Anna and Oskar

Anna and Oskar

Photo ©2013 marta kochanek
Assistant Zuza Kochanek

It’s difficult for me to write about love and family right after the end of 5 years long relationship. It was a relationship, during which I developed readiness to live in a way that I had always wanted but dared only to dream of.
I was worried if could ever normally live with a disabled child making the family happy and stress-less. I thought that it would come as a great shock for the society and both mine and my partner’s family. Being a lesbian parent to a Down syndrome child seemed to be an overwhelming barrier.

At the end it occurred to be a challenge letting us to build and maintain a good relationship.
I’m not sure if I can believe in love again and take the risk of trusting another person so much, as to let other person live together with my son and me and make again relationship that I used to call ‘a family’. On the other hand I know that being parent is a real thing and no one can forbid me to create a family in the way I want.

I’m a freelance photographer. I’m involved in a grassroots struggle for social justice, equality of non-heterosexual people creating safer spaces for queer culture along with Q Alternative group.

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