Anna, Greta and Ignacy

Anna, Greta and Ignacy

Anna, Greta and Ignacy

Photo © 2012-2013 Marta Kochanek
Photo Assistant Barbara Gibson

Anna – transgendered Male-to-Female and Greta – lesbian got married in September 2010.
They met during the workshop that was organized by the Trans-Fuzja Foundation of which Anna was one of Co-Founders. Greta was actively involved in other NGO that organizes the Equality Pride in Warsaw.

As a result result Greta moved to Trans-Fuzja Foundation while Anna joined the Pride on her motorbike. Their life story has begun.

Greta is now a Co-Chair of the LGBT Business Forum Organization.
She is also still engaged with Trans-Fuzja’s activities.

Anna is a Technical Manager in Telecom Corporation.
At work she acts as a male but in private life she balances between male and female.

In September 2012 Greta gave birth to their first child. Ignacy is a lovely and healthy baby boy and it is very possible that in the future he will be having brothers and sisters. As per now the family also consists of two red cats 🙂

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