Beata, Kamila and Julian

Beata, Kamila and Julian

Beata, Kamila and Julian

Photo ©2013 marta kochanek
Assistant Barbara Gibson

There is nothing more important in life than Love. In fact, we both never believed that such wonderful thing could happen to us but… we are all dreaming about perfect love and relationship.

Beata says: I truly believed that one day I will be having a son. I did not think of how would that happen, I just knew I’ll be having a son.
When I first met Kami, I was perfectly sure that she is the person I want to stay with forever. I do really love her, many things have changed since we first met but I can honestly say that I am finally able to live with accordance to my feelings. I finally started believing that life can be wonderful and I can be a really happy person. I am an IT teacher in high school and in college. I really like what I do especially mostly because understanding and support is something I found down there. I am also freelancing as a graphic designer.

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Kami says: We both met in the most intense moment in our lives. It was the right time and actually good time to make decisions and follow them. We were friends and soul-mates and that is how we started developing our relationship. To me Beata means world.          She is the one I could only dream about… but my dream came true.
I studied Psychology but it is not something I do for living. I am a qualified tattooist and it is something that makes me feel that I am in the right place.
Julian is the most important person to both of us. He is the one who brought colors into our lives. Walking and biking is something we all love doing.

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