Sadie, Emma and Jet

Sadie, Emma and Jet

Sadie, Emma and Jet

Photo © 2012-2013 Marta Kochanek

On February 13th 2012, Jet was born naturally in the birth centre at the London Whittington Hospital. Emma needed some medical attention and a whole tapestry of stitches but after that we three found ourselves left alone for the very first time. Exhausted, we spent our first night on the tiny plastic-covered double bed, all of us naked, as the room was kept at a high heat suitable for delicate newborns. Emma and I took it in turns to hold Jet, who seemed to fold and mould into our hot stomachs and never woke as he was passed from one to the other. Through the night we alternated holding him until our arms ached, giving each other a chance to briefly sleep. In the morning we woke to see that the nurse had looked in on us and updated our notes on a board at the end of the bed. She had written ‘Checked room, baby pink, warm and happy. Family asleep.’
We were a Family.’

Visit:  Sadie Lee

Sadie Lee is a painter, Emma Frank is a director and film maker.
They live in London with their son, Jet Lee Frank.

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